Emory Law School’s Presentation (a/k/a Why Emory Law Continues to Tank)

In response to the recent rankings drop, Emory Law School held a number of open forum discussions this past week. The discussions were led by Dean Partlett as well as other administrators and staff. Well, the verdict is in, and the student body at Emory Law are far from pleased.

Based on reports, no questions were answered and the Emory Law administration continues to maintain distance between the students and the truth.

Summary of Presentations:

1. It’s not our fault, it’s the economy.

2. Our placement numbers went down because we told the truth, and other schools are likely manipulating the statistics (there may be some merit to this argument, BUT how do we know that Emory Law’s numbers weren’t manipulated?).

3. Some reports from students stated that all they wanted was an apology, sadly there was no mea culpa from the administration.

4. Also received reports that a brave law student held his ground and called out the administration for their terrible performance. In a heated back-and-forth, a lone law student had the panel ready to flee the room…I commend this student for his/her actions.


Now that the panel discussions are complete and still nothing has been done, what is Emory Law’s future? If this continues, it is not likely headed anywhere near the top of U.S. News’ rankings.


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