Not Returning Phone Calls, Not Responding to Emails?

We’ve heard various reports about this following story. It might explain why OCI has been weak in recent years…

To find job opportunities for students, the career service advisors need to escape their offices and meet employers. They need to grow relationships with firms so that they can help us when we go to them for guidance. They are obviously deficient in this essential skill, but what advice do they give when we ask for help? Networking. One simple word that solves all of our worries. Do they network? NO.

Since they are not nurturing these relationships, they must be attentive when employers contact them to interview Emory students, right? Wrong again. Recently, a hiring partner at an undisclosed BIGLAW firm (Atlanta office) attempted to contact career services because they were adding two Summer Associate positions and wanted to recruit Emory students. After no response to calls and emails, a few weeks later, the partner bumped into a member of an unnamed student group and told him about the positions. This student did the legwork for career services and told everyone in the group. I wonder how many job opportunities would’ve materialized at OCI if they just responded to inquiries like this.

Does Emory think it is too good to respond to inquiries from BIGLAW firms? I know many Emory 2L’s that would be appalled to hear this story.


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