The Case of the Disappearing Grade Book

For many years, the grade distributions for each course were collected and put into a book. This book was an asset for every student. During registration it allowed students to see a course’s difficulty. Today, the book is gone, but why?

The administration had no problem when the book was a single item that was constrained by physical limits. Only one student could view it at a single time, and you would have to flip pages back and forth for comparison purposes. A group of students put in many hours and produced a document which transformed the numbers into a spreadsheet that compared the courses. It was so helpful that the SBA posted it in the SBA student area right next to the outline database. It sat there for a few months and quickly became a helpful guide.

Somehow the administration got wind of it and quickly moved to shut it down. The document was removed from the SBA student area and the grade book disappeared. Does the book still exist? None of the students that submitted this story knew. They all said that it is most likely gone for good, but it may exist in an unknown office that can be checked out. We were able to take a look at the excel document, and to see it yourself, look below…


A current Emory Law student was nice enough to email us a copy of the “curve database document” which is available here.


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